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We will be moving to ‘Active Signposting’ from 1st October 2019

What is it?

‘Active Signposting’ provides patients with a first point of contact which directs them to the most appropriate source of help. Web and app-based portals can be used to provide self-help and self-management information, as well as being signposted to the most appropriate person by a GP surgery.  

Why are we changing?

Did you know… around  20% of our appointments are taken up by patients who do not need to see a doctor at all?

When they are unwell, everybody wants to see the doctor as soon as possible, but the 8am telephone race means that appointments aren’t   always available for those that need them most. We want to change this and we would appreciate your support in ensuring that doctor time is spent on those patients who have a genuine medical need. We will always try to offer continuity of care and you will be able to see someone when you really need to, even if it isn’t your ‘favourite’ doctor.

How will it improve your service?

Our reception team is undergoing extensive training to become knowledgeable ‘Patient Co-ordinators’ who can help you from the moment that you get through to them on the telephone. 

You will be required to discuss your medical problem on the telephone with the Patient Co-ordinator at the time of contacting the surgery to book an appointment and everything that you tell them will be written on your medical record.

As a result of this you will be directed to the most appropriate person. This may be a doctor, pharmacist, nurse or someone else and it may be the same day, the next day or the next week.

We will be starting our new appointment booking system from the 1st October.